Phantoms with Pathologies

Masses – Metastases – Lymph Nodes – Inflammatory – Vascular – Osseous


Example of a phantom with

a mass at the floor of the mouth


Example of a phantom with

an inflammatory process in the left peritonsillar region.

Our phantoms can be directly manufactured from CT data sets.

Any pathology that is visible in CT can be transferred to a phantom. This page gives examples of neoplastic, inflammatory and vascular findings.

Also visit customize and technology for more information.


Example of a phantom with an aneurysm of the left middle cerebral artery and its 3D reconstruction.

Artificial Lesions

In addition to authentic pathologies, artificial lesions can be included with all phantoms. This gives an example of a head phantom, where six low contrast lesions were inserted into supraventricular white matter regions.

This head phantom contains six intracerebral low contrast lesions.