Head and Neck Phantoms

Head and Neck Phantom for CT, X-ray and Radiation Therapy

Anatomy – Texture – Pathologies

Head and neck phantoms with realistic anatomy

Head and neck phantoms provide realistic anatomy and are designed to simulate clinical imaging in computed tomography, X-ray imaging and radiation therapy. The models provide a realistic simulation of all tissues and realistic attenuation values at a defined energy spectrum.

Calibrated head and neck phantoms

The phantom is manufactured from CT data and includes anatomic details for all tissues. It is optimized to provide realistic attenuation values at 120 kVp imaging in computed tomography, corresponding to a mean spectrum energy of 73 keV. Calibration to other spectrum energies is possible upon request.

Minor variations in size and design of the phantoms can occur. The phantom can be provided as one-piece anthropomorphic phantom or in a sectional design. Pathologic features (e.g., masses, vascular pathologies) can be included.

Datasheet Head and Neck Phantoms

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