Extremity Phantoms

Extremity Phantoms for RT and CT with realistic anatomy and bone fractures

Extremity phantoms with realistic bone and soft tissue

Realistic anatomy and tissue equivalency

These extremity phantoms were designed to simulate clinical imaging and dose exposure in computed tomography (including dual energy CT), X-ray imaging and radiation therapy. The models provide a realistic simulation of all tissues including bone and soft tissues and realistic attenuation values. They can be provided with and without fractures. The phantoms were developed for testing and optimizing dose and image quality, dose verification at low and high energy exposure and for training of medical and technical staff.

Addable Pathologic features

The phantoms can be provided as one-piece anthropomorphic phantoms or in a sectional design. Dosimeter openings can be included. Pathologic features (e.g., bone fractures, calcifications, bone or soft tissue masses) can be included upon request.

Detailed soft and bone tissue simulation

The phantoms are manufactured from CT data and include anatomic details for all tissues. Minor variations in size and design can occur.

Datasheet Extremity Phantoms

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