Breast Phantoms

Breast Phantoms for Mammography and Breast Tomosynthesis

Breast phantoms with adipose and glandular tissue

Realistic simulation of breast imaging

The breast phantom was designed to simulate breast imaging in mammography and breast tomosynthesis. It represents a compressed breast of 3.6 cm thickness that can be placed under the compression paddle.

Dose optimization

The phantom was developed for testing and optimizing dose and image quality and for training of medical and technical staff.

Adipose and glandular tissue equivalency

The phantoms are manufactured from virtual data (1, 2) containing adipose and glandular tissue. Minor variations in size and design can occur.

The phantom can be provided as one-piece anthropomorphic phantom or in a sectional design of four slabs of 0.9 cm thickness. Microcalcification test patterns can be provided, pathologies can be included upon request.


Linear attenuation coefficients of glandular and adipose phantom materials in comparison with human tissue (3).

Datasheet Breast Phantoms

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