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Patient specific phantoms

PhantomX develops phantoms for realistic simulation of patient radiation exposure in computed tomography and radiation therapy. Simulations and dosimetric investigations on these phantoms are designated to support optimization of radiation exposure, diagnostics and patient treatment.


• Repeated exposure

• Anatomical detail

• Pathologies



• Patient specific phantoms

• Treatment planning

• Dose verification


Expose Phantoms and not Patients

We design phantoms to provide clinical images and dose values.

Our aim is to enable developments, validation and quality assurance with a distinct focus on clinical target applications involving the patient.

Imaging and diagnosis

• Imaging systems generate diagnostic images at lowest dose.

• Radiologists make diagnosis accurately and efficiently.

• Artificial intelligence detects pathologies with high sensitivity and specificity.

Treatment and treatment planning

• Quantitative imaging features enable precision medicine.

• Radiation oncologists and physicists design optimal treatment plans.

• RT systems destroy tumors effectively and spare healthy tissue.

Do they?

We believe that our work towards these goals should revolve around those people that our diagnostic and therapeutic efforts are intended for: Patients

We develop phantoms that mimic human anatomy – including specific patients – to improve radiation exposure, diagnostics and patient treatment.

• Enhance your research.

• Improve patient safety.

• Avoid ethical concerns.

• Accelerate developments and innovations.

• Perform end-to-end testing.

• Standardize and validate.


Patient phantoms generate realistic images in computed tomography and x-ray imaging and can be used to investigate dose and imaging parameters.

Breast PhantomsExtremity PhantomsHead and Neck PhantomsPathologies
Low contrast lesions
CT aquisition protocols
Breast imaging


We develop phantoms for therapeutic radiation exposure. Patient phantoms are designated to provide dose control and quality assurance in radiation therapy.

Breast PhantomsExtremity PhantomsHead and Neck Phantoms

Our Team

Dr. med. Paul Jahnke

Project leader

Dr. rer. nat. Felix Schwarz

Research & Development

Dipl.-Inform. Marco Ziegert

Software engineering

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