Head and Neck Phantoms

Head and Neck Phantom for CTX-ray and Radiation Therapy

Head phantoms with realistic bone and soft tissue

Head and neck phantoms with realistic anatomy

This highly realistic head and neck phantom was designed to simulate clinical imaging and dose exposure in computed tomography (including dual energy CT), X-ray imaging and radiation therapy. The model provides a realistic simulation of all tissues and realistic attenuation values.

Dose measurement and Imaging

This phantom provides a detailed simulation of patient exposure and new opportunities for testing and optimizing dose and image quality, for dose verification at low and high energy exposure and for training of medical and technical staff.
The phantom is manufactured from CT data and includes anatomic details for all tissues. The model is a handmade unique piece, which can differ slightly in size and design. The phantom can be provided as one-piece anthropomorphic phantom or in a sectional design. It can include openings for dosimeters. Pathologic features (e.g., masses, vascular pathologies) can be included upon request.